Nail Polish

High-gloss, Long-wearing, Quick-dry

  • Customised to your brand
  • Colour matched to latest trends
  • Rapid sample process
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Manufactured in our bespoke UK plant, using state of the art production and filling equipment, we are able to deliver millions of bottles of polish a year.

Our high tech lab not only tests our products to ensure quality and consistency but also produces an infinite range of colours and trend setting innovations.

Our extensive network of suppliers ensure that we can offer nail polish bottles, caps and brushes that not only meet your design specs, but also at a competitive price.

Whatever your product or volume requirements, we have the facilities, team and experience to deliver.

From concept to finished product our bespoke service enables us to meet your needs and deliver your vision.


A product brief is created to capture your specific requirements.


We use the brief to produce samples from our development lab for you to test. They can be provided with branding, bottles and brushes to give you a feel for the product.

Sign Off

With formula, shades and packaging agreed, regulatory information is provided and testing begins.


With testing complete we can begin producing your product with a standard lead time of 6-8 weeks.


Product Features

12 free

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly



Quick Dry

Stay ahead of the competition

Trend-led innovation

Made in the UK

Fast-lead times

Personalised solutions

Our custom base gives us the foundation to build a quality finished product. This means all of our nail polish is durable, quick drying with excellent coverage and application, not to mention a high gloss finish. 

A team of experienced technical experts can create any colour influenced by the latest trends, innovation or your brand requirements.

This gives you full control of your product, colour and with a quick turnaround time the ability to access rapidly changing market trends.

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