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From nail polish to skincare, our state of the art lab will ensure your brand is constantly at the forefront with our proactive approach. Get insights to market trends, access to latest ingredients and ideas on new product development.

Innovative solutions

The cosmetics market is highly competitive driven by current trends. Our team of experts constantly develop new formulas and material combinations to help make your product unique and competitive. We have developed a multitude of formulas for a variety of global brands, always keeping your brand inline with the current industry trends.

Quality & Testing

Before any nail products can be sold to a consumer they have to be regulation compliant and certified safe for use. Our lab delivers a comprehensive testing and compliance services to ensure any product is safe and comply with current regulations

We also ensure a strict inspection policy for all raw materials, production process and finished products to ensure quality and consistency.

Production Process

From acceptance of raw material to delivery we assure a smooth process. Our quality standards are the highest possible, ensuring each product is both safe and effective. These procedures guarantee quality and consistently in every batch.

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